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Afton Prater

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Afton Prater stands out as a hardworking 25-year-old, whose passion for music started at the tender age of 11 when she began performing and songwriting. Hailing from Seabeck, WA, she swiftly made her mark in Washington state and has now established herself as a noteworthy performer in the highly competitive Nashville music scene, where she has resided for the past three years. Afton's songwriting skills have earned her numerous accolades, captivating the hearts of her audience. Notably, she has opened for renowned country stars, including Kelsea Ballerini, Craig Campbell, Chris Janson, and Drake White. Afton remains in a constant state of creative motion, ceaselessly crafting new music, connecting with talented artists, expanding her fan base, and striving to reach new heights in her career.

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